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Acupuncture Point: Stomach 36

One of the most potent and prominent acupressure points of all lies on the stomach meridian. Known as Stomach 36 (ST 36), it is the 36th point along the stomach channel or meridian, and regarded as one of the most valuable points by licensed acupuncturists and Tui Na massage practitioners,…

What Is Yin-Yang?

Yin and Yang. The two opposites that attract and complement each other. Neither is superior, and a correct stable balance between the two needs to be reached in order to achieve true harmony. Light and dark, sunny and cloudy, day and night, good and evil.

What is Qi & What Does it Do?

The majority of cultural traditions and practices identify Qi as vital energy that circulates through the body at all times. Everything in the world is made up of Qi, including the physical body and all the feelings that people have.