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Acupuncture is one of the oldest Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM), based on ancient principles that go back almost five thousand years. Acupuncturists use a combination of diagnostic techniques to identify unique patterns of disharmony within the body. Taking into consideration pains and illnesses, that are signs of imbalance within the body, acupuncture is highly beneficial for many health conditions, whilst promoting stress relief and deep relaxation.

At Meraki Holistics, no two acupuncture treatment plans are the same. With many years of experience, education and training in acupuncture, I provide exclusive and bespoke treatment tailored to rejuvenate your ailments and stabilise your body’s disharmony.

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Over time, our day-to-day lifestyle, balance of emotions and working life can negatively affect the harmony of our body, resulting in deep imbalances. These imbalances manifest them as conditions and illnesses that Western medicines are only able to manage through surgery or drug therapy.

At Meraki, we treat individuals as a whole, rather than just focusing on singular symptoms, Our specialised acupuncture and reflexology treatments will ensure you maintain and harmonise your body’s energy, just as it should be.

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A licensed acupuncture & reflexology practitioner

Catherine Musgrove

Having studied traditional Chinese acupuncture for three years at the University of Lincoln and achieving my Acupuncture BSc (Hons) degree, I began my acupuncture journey upon graduation in 2009. I am now a licensed acupuncturist and reflexologist working from Matthew Williams Podiatry & Therapies in Newark, in addition to carrying out in-home visits for my clients in their own comfortable surroundings.

Prior to my acupuncture training, I have worked as a holistic therapist in reflexology and aromatherapy massage, gaining invaluable experience in my field. I am committed to providing the highest quality personal acupuncture and reflexology treatments to my clients, and my aim is to improve quality of health and life through the application of traditional Chinese acupuncture and reflexology.

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